Why aren't my URLs getting bookmarked?

There are several issues that can result in URLs you tweet not making it to your bookmark account:

  • We use the Twitter Streaming API. Not all users' statuses are available through the Streaming API. Here's what Twitter says about it:
    The Streaming API filters statuses for quality using the same quality algorithms employed by Twitter Search. The Streaming API does not, however, filter or rank statuses for relevance. Quality filtering is on a per-user basis: low quality users will show up in neither Streaming or in Search.
  • The Twitter Streaming API is in beta and may not always be available. If it's down, we won't see your tweets and therefore can't bookmark them.
  • The bookmark service you registered with us is down or inaccessible. If we can't reach the bookmark service's servers, we can't post your bookmarks. (This is a temporary condition.)
  • We don't (currently, at least), detect all URLs you tweet. Make sure you're using well formed URLs that include the scheme (http://, or https://). We won't bookmark www.example.com, but we will bookmark http://www.example.com.
  • Packrati.us is a beta app. That means you're not supposed to expect it to work all the time. We hope you're pleasantly surprised when it does.

Who is Ratius T. Packrat?

A fictional character that likes to save your shiny URLs. And someone we can blame when things go wrong. He's a rat, after all.

So, who's really behind this?

Marc Mims. A perl hacker who wrote and maintains the popular Net::Twitter module. He's semifor on Twitter. Feel free to follow him, but he's usually rather quiet.