Abandon ship!

The time has come for the pack rat to take his marbles and go home.

It started as a personal project: bookmark the URLs I tweeted, retweeded, and liked to my del.icio.us bookmarks account. And it was a learning project: Twitter API, OAuth, asynchronous IO, etc.

It seemed like something others might like. So I made it public. And indeed, others loved it, at least a few thousand others at its peek.

Then Delicious died, was partially resurrected, died again, and finally went away. By that time, I'd added a few other back-ends, so the site was still useful for some. And frankly, it was easier to just let it run than try to change it.

But now Twitter has announced the end of the streaming APIs the rat uses. A rewrite, using new premium APIs would be necessary. This little side project has always been a financial drain. I've been happy to cover the cast, but can't justify significantly more cost.

Shortly after putting the pack rat to work, I had a major career change. And another recently, which means I really don't have time to give this site the attention it needs.

So, for the pack rat, this is goodbye. Thanks for all the shiny URLs!

For some potential alternatives, you may want to look at: